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When asked if she would like to transition into Hollywood, Nicki Minaj tells, “I am maybe working on something right now and I can’t really say too much about it, but possibly… I definitely have the acting bug, that was my first love, and so you know, you just never know…”

She goes on to suggest that her choice of film may surprise fans, adding, “I think they’re gonna be shocked at my movie roles. That’s going to happen very, very soon…”

Nicki Minaj wants to follow in the footsteps of Avatar beauty Zoe Saldana and Oscar winner Halle Berry in choosing a variety of films to work on.

She says, “Zoe Saldana, I think she always does good roles, I always love that they’re not stereotypical roles…

I always thought Halle Berry did a good mix up of different types of movies, whether she did action, love (sic)… I always thought she did really nice kinds (of films) and she always kept her fan base guessing, so you know, I would love to model my career after Halle’s if there’s a god! Obviously I don’t expect to (emulate her whole career)… but she’s someone I take my hat off to.”

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